fredag den 1. juni 2012

Steiner doll supplies

My little family and I are spending the next three months in Washington D.C. with family and I have been getting supplies for what will hopefully be a productive summer. In my search I found some great sites on supplies.

I looked for pure mohair yarn for the hair for a long time without any luck. They were either the wrong colour or mixed with nylon. I finally found this great site that had the perfect kind of mohair for little fingers to play with:

The little bits and bobs, like strong thread for making the face and the cotton gauze I found on these two sites that have almost everything you need for the dolls:,

I have been wanting to order a few things from nearseanaturals, like their lovely organic lace and organic cotton thread. I also got, what looks like amazing organic wool stuffing for the dolls
, ahhh the cosiest, warmest smell in the world.

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