mandag den 4. juni 2012

Praying and motherhood

                                                                                                            Bayezid Mosque, Istanbul 2008.

Motherhood has taught me many things in the 5 months I have been mother to Alia, but I never imagined that praying with my daughter would add such sweetness to the experience. Alia loves having physical contact all the time, during the day she likes to be held and at night she sleeps best snuggling up to me.

 At first I was daunted by this and I wondered what saying my prayers was going to be like when I was never on my own, would I be able to focus and connect with her there? I soon found that I was most present in my prayer if I held her during it, if I could hear her, but not see her I would constantly wonder if she was alright, and if she needed me. Now I hold her when I say my recitation, and put her down under my stomach when I prostate. After the prayer I sometimes say my dhikr walking around with her and sometimes sitting dangling a toy above her head. She loves it, and sometimes sings along to the sound of the Quran. When I prostate her little hands caress my clothes and the prayer carpet.

They say that angels gather around children and Alia makes my prayer more blessed then I could ever imagine she would.

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