lørdag den 21. april 2012

Old Milk

I am a lover of artisan perfumes. Even through my (now many) years as a student I have always found space in my budget for luxurious artisan perfumes. I love wearing a different scent every day, and every now and then during my day to stop and smell my wrist, enjoying the complexity of the scent and tracking how the scent develops throughout the day (as a good scent should). My favorite perfume is Ormonde Woman by Ormonde Jayne, a British perfumery. Their scent Champaca is also a lovely daytime perfume (flowery and green) though I tend to prefer woody and spicy scents, like Ormonde Woman.

My beautiful bottles of perfume have been hiding in the bathroom cupboard for almost a year now. During my pregnancy I was unable to wear such strong scents as I was hyper sensitive to smells for the entire 9 months. I was longing to shower myself with perfume after the birth. Little did I know that babies are like little sponges that soak up strong scents, even horrible synthetic perfumes from loving "aunties", and the only scent I have been able to wear since little Alia came into the world is her favorite perfume, Old Milk. Old mothers milk that is :)

I am also looking into purchasing some organic and completely natural perfumes that should be less harsh for babies that like to rest their little heads on mommy's neck. This seems to be a good list http://www.natural-living-for-women.com/organic-perfume.html I think I will stick to Old Milk for a little while, seeing as Alia likes it so much, though I suspect my hubby is not so thrilled. I find myself drawn to the smell as well these days, probably something hormonal. http://www.natural-living-for-women.com/organic-perfume.html

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