mandag den 22. juli 2013

Sweden and Ramadan

We just got back from a wonderful and very busy holiday in Sweden, three toddlers, two new teenagers, a five year old-going on 14, three tired mummies, one tired daddy and a lot of blueberries.

Alia loved picking blueberries in the forest, and would cry "bobby, bobby" when leaving, she also loved swimming in the lakes and told me today that she loves mommy, baba and abaazi ( dari for playing with water and swimming).

Last month I was at the organic fair in Valby and had such a lovely day there, passing on dolls to cute children, and talking to inspiring people passionate about an organic lifestyle. I hope to take part in another fair in Valby in September and possible also one in Vanloese the same month.

We are also enjoying Ramadan this month and it is always a month full of sweetness and time for reflection, with a toddler in tow, things are a little different, but she adds more sweetness than I could imagine :)

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