mandag den 29. april 2013

Coconut oatmeal balls sans sugar

Alia and I spent our afternoon making these delicious Oatmeal balls, Alia preferred eating the dough and throwing the rolled balls to actually rolling them in the coconut. I coloured the coconut in beetroot red and parsley green to make it more interesting for Alia. I grated the beetroot fine and then just mixed it with the dried, cut cocnut, and I put the parsley int the blender with another batch of coconut.

Here is a recipe and some pictures:

two-three dl of Oatmeal
three to four tbsp of virgin coconut oil
one dl of dried cut coconut
one dl of, preferably raw, chocolate powder
one teaspoon of vanilla from dried vanilla bean
add agave nectar to taste and  if needed milk or milk alternative to bind all the ingredients together.
Mix all ingredients, it is easiest to use hands, in a bowl.

Roll the balls in coconut, variegating colours. You can make lots of other colours, using natural ingredients, juice from boiled blueberries, tumeric etc...

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