lørdag den 21. juli 2012

Cake, crochet and sleeping baby

I am still crocheting a lot these days. These are a pair of baby boots for a friend who just gave birth to a baby boy, but they can also easily be used for Waldorf dolls. Alia is fast asleep after a lovely walk in the rain.

4 kommentarer:

Shannon Staloch, LM, CPM sagde ...

awww masha'Allah. love this picture. i love the color of your yarn.

littlelake sagde ...

Thanks :) The yarn is Blue Sky organic cotton.

I pray all is well with your little baby boy.

Happy ramadan :)

Baraka sagde ...

MashAllah, such a sweet and wonderful photo!

littlelake sagde ...

Thank you Baraka :)

Happy Ramadan