torsdag den 17. maj 2012


My niece turned 4 a few days ago and today we are going to her birthday party. The little lady has an abundance of toys and loves all things pink and princess-like, so this year I decided to make her something for the steiner doll I made for her this winter.
It is a little sloppy here and there but I am never going to be a perfectionist and it was made late in the night after Alia finally went to sleep. I used my grandmothers old lace for the dress, so that the gift affects three generations of women in our family. My grandmother, me and my niece.

2 kommentarer:

Shannon Staloch, LM, CPM sagde ...

beautiful!!!love it! i finished my doll. not as cute as yours, but so fun to make and full of love! she needs clothes now. this is inspiring!

littlelake sagde ...

Salaam. I would love to see your doll:) And also her clothes!